July 7th, 2019. Week 27th, Sunday

We laughed and kept syaing "see you soon", but inside we both knew we would never see each other again.


From The Legend of 1900.

That is ture, just like sometimes we would say "I will do it in the future." or " I will get rid of those bad habits.", but inside we know we would never complete the task before the deadline, or we would never get rid of our deep-rooted bad habits. All our weightless promises would eventually turn out to be lies.

We must do something to change that, for people who love us and people we love.

As for me, every time I promise to complete some unfinished work, the result is obvious, the work won't be done until the deadline comes.

Hopeless procrastination! And I consider it the very reason for my poor performance both in life and work.

And that make me live in doubts about myself and in fear about my future. I don't want to be unemployed in my middle age, and I don't want my life is lack of insurance.

I want to become strong, I want to become smart, I want to become a qualified system-architecturer.

Is there any way that I can end my dark past and start a bright future?

I think there is, but first I msut conquer doubt and fear, because he who has conquered doubt and fear has conquered failure.

Buck up and act on meaningful things, act now!

So what you blow a fuse? Well, that happens to us all.


When you blow a fuse, just turn off the central switch and install a new one, then turn on the central switch, the darkness will be eliminated and the light will be back.

So, take it easy when you blow a fuse, don't complain too much about the darkness and your misfortune.

Why not think in different way? That trival accident just tell us that there are some problems in our circuit, more precisely, in our life, especially when we are tackling with some difficult challenges, like using some high-amperage devices in our circuit, isn't it?

When the capacity of the fuse is not big enough, it would be blown some day, so the earlier it happens, the earlier we can modify it to make all things run better.

Life is the same. When things don't go well as we have expected, just figure out what the problems are, and try to fix them, replace them, or make our own fuse strong enough.

Keep studying, keep exercising, keep making progress.